June, 25

The leader of the "DPR" militants ordered to toughen the curfew to "enhance security"

08/09/2016 04:37:20 pm
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Leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko "ordered" to toughen the curfew on the occupied territory allegedly in order to " enhance security". He stated that on the results of the "meeting" with fake ministers of the pseudo republic, - reported the so-called "Ministry of Information oft he "DPR".

"I ordered to toughen the curfew. Since we still have a military law. The situation on the front line has escalated down to the limit. Therefore, we have  taken a number of decisions to enhance the security," - he said.

He also confirmed information previously spread by separatist media that he had ordered to recall and forbid "key ministers and deputies" and persons "responsible for energy security, including product one" to go on vacation.

As previously reported, the separatist media reported that leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko had recalled all leading members of "ministries" and "departments" of the fake "republic" from vacation.