June, 25

The FC Shakhtar responded to the invitation to play in the "DPR": we don’t comment on the statement of the so-called "ministers"

12/17/2015 11:10:37 am
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The Director-General of the FC Shakhtar Sergei Palkin said that he would not comment on the words of the "Minister of Sport of the DPR" on the possible return of "miners" in Donetsk. He said this after the general meeting of the Premier League, held in Kiev on Wednesday - said the matchday.ua.

"You should comment on the words of famous people. And I don’t want to comment on the statement of the so-called "ministers", emphasize these words", - said Sergei Palkin.

As previously reported, some Sergei Mishin, who calls himself "the Minister of Sports of the DPR", said that the FC Shakhtar would be able to return to Donetsk in case of refusal to play in the Ukrainian Football Championship and instead would play in the Championship of the "DPR".