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ISW: The US has permitted Ukraine to strike only 16% of russian territory

06/10/2024 10:00:58 am
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The US has allowed Ukraine to target only 16% of russian territory within the reach of ATACMS missiles, according to a report by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) dated June 9.

"The Biden Administration’s limited policy change permitting Ukraine to use US-provided weapons to strike some russian military targets in a small area within russian territory has reduced the size of russia’s ground sanctuary by only 16 percent at maximum", - the ISW report states.

It notes that "this is not sufficient to significantly disrupt the operations of the russian Armed Forces".

Analysts emphasize that the US policy still protects the vast majority of russia's operational and deep rear areas.

"US policy restricting Ukraine’s usage of US-provided weapons has effectively created a vast sanctuary – territory in range of US-provided weapons but that Ukrainian forces are not allowed to strike with US-provided weapons – which russia exploits to shield its combat forces, command and control, logistics, and rear area support services that the russian military uses to conduct its military operations in Ukraine", - the analysts write.

Previously, citing ISW, it was reported that russia does not have sufficient reserves for simultaneous large-scale offensives in multiple directions.