July, 13

The "LNR" authorities habitually lie, claiming that after the AFU’s strike on the airfield only "dry grass over a fairly large area caught fire"

05/28/2024 02:10:19 pm
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The "LNR" authorities deny any serious consequences from yesterday's missile strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the airfield and aviation repair plant in occupied Luhansk.

According to the "republic's" operational services, the Ukrainian Armed Forces "shelled Luhansk yesterday, presumably with ATACMS missiles loaded with cluster munitions".

They claim that one missile was intercepted in the air, and another was also intercepted but detonated upon hitting the ground, causing "dry grass over a fairly large area to catch fire".

Meanwhile, OSINT researcher Neonhandrail identified that the strike location in Luhansk is on the airfield territory near the Aviation Museum, where an anti-aircraft missile system or a military equipment parking area was likely located. Local social media posts mentioned that the aviation repair plant was also hit by the strike.