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Strike on russian training ground near Nova Kakhovka confirmed by both AFU and the occupiers (PHOTO)

02/22/2024 01:58:43 pm
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The strike on russians at the training ground near Nova Kakhovka has been confirmed by both the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the occupiers. According to Natalia Humeniuk, the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of the South, the russians were preparing at the training ground and attempted to assault the liberated village of Krynky.

"There was an explosion, and not just one. Three times, spectacularly, as usual. Yes, indeed, russian military were preparing, attempting to assault Krynky, which they claimed had already been cleared. Yes, indeed, the occupiers have similar locations in the temporarily occupied left-bank Kherson oblast, where they gather for training, including live-fire training", - said Humeniuk in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty on February 22.

According to information from the Telegram channel "Rybar", which is close to the General Staff of the russian Armed Forces, the fighters gathered in the open area at the Oleshky Sands national park, 10-15 km from Krynky. The first strike targeted the troop formation, the second hit those providing medical assistance and the wounded, and the third targeted a group of investigators who arrived at the scene for operational work.