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In the past 24 hours, russian occupiers launched more than 1600 strikes on the Donetsk oblast: 3 injured, 38 civilian objects damaged (PHOTO)

02/22/2024 12:08:45 pm
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In the past 24 hours, russian occupiers launched 1636 strikes on the Donetsk oblast, resulting in three civilians injured and 38 civilian objects damaged, according to a Telegram report by the regional police.

"The enemy attacked the residential sector 14 times. The shelling targeted 11 settlements: the cities of Vuhledar, Dobropillia, Kostiantynivka, and the villages of Zhelanne, Ocheretyne, Buhoyavlenka, Veselyi Hai, Hannivka, Memryk, Novobakhmutivka, and Romanivka. Thirty-eight civilian objects were damaged, including 17 residential houses, 2 dormitories, an administrative building, a shopping complex, a store, a café, a garage, utility structures, cars, a gas pipeline, substations, and power lines", - the report states.

"The invaders carried out an airstrike on Zhelanne, damaging three private houses, a shopping complex, a café, and a store. In Memryk, the occupiers attacked with an S-300 missile, causing damage to an administrative building and critical infrastructure. Near Dobropillia, the russians launched three drones, hitting two dormitories. Two civilians were injured, and four cars were destroyed. Romanivka was hit by artillery fire, resulting in one person injured and a private house destroyed. Artillery shelling in Kostiantynivka caused damage to at least 11 houses, and in Vuhledar, a multi-story building was affected", - the police reported.