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A hotel, a restaurant and three cars are on fire after being hit by enemy UAVs in the Kharkiv oblast (PHOTO, VIDEO)

02/09/2024 10:31:39 am
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In the Zmiivskyi district of the Kharkiv oblast, a fire broke out as a result of enemy UAV strikes on the night of February 9. Oleh Synehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, reported this in his Telegram channel on February 9.

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"After midnight, the occupiers launched drone strikes on the civilian infrastructure of Zmiivska community. Rescuers extinguished fires in the hotel building, summer terrace, restaurant, and three cars. A civilian male security guard was injured, and medical assistance was provided on-site", - the statement said.

It is noted that other strikes resulted in damage to private residential houses, a three-story building of a recreation complex, and a cafeteria. Only civilian infrastructure was affected and destroyed.

Earlier, it was reported that a two-month-old boy died as a result of a strike on a hotel in Zolochiv in the Kharkiv oblast.