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"I need people, ammunition, and weapons to continue military operations" – Zaluzhny on the new mobilization law

12/26/2023 04:49:19 pm
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The military command has come up with a certain number of mobilized citizens, taking into account current and future needs. This was announced by the Chief Commander of the Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhny during a national Ukrainain TV news marathon on December 26.

"This figure (500 thousand - ed.) takes into account covering the current understaffing, forming new military units, as well as forecasting our losses that we may incur next year", - noted Zaluzhny.

He also emphasized that it is not within his competence to determine whom the state will call up.

"For the Armed Forces, the main thing is for people to join the military and be able to perform the assigned tasks. I need people, ammunition, and weapons to continue military operations", - emphasized Zaluzhny.

It was reported earlier that the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill on mobilization to the Verkhovna Rada.