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Khodakovsky explained why Russia cut aid for "People's Republics". This and other issues in the Occupation

06/22/2016 12:52:00 pm
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Zakharchenko’s strategy of the DPR development. Why militants are doomed to fight. Hello to Akhmetov from Zakharchenko. This and other issues in Sergey Garmash’s Occupation author radio programme.

They cannot and do not want

How did Ukrainians, who are obliged to stay in the occupation, live during last seven days? The "strategy of the "DPR" development" was finally announced to them last week – so  Donetsk TV answered the questions of residents of Donetsk region during an online conference held by the DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko. What is this strategy?

Audio: "The plans of the head of state is implementation of the goals. Which were set in the referendum in 2014. At the moment, the most important of these is restoration of territorial integrity. Alexander Zakharchenko said: we do not divide into the DPR and the other territory. Our main backside is to unite all the lands of the Donetsk People's Republic. And we will. Zakharchenko also did not deny the possibility of relations with Ukraine on the principles of the community life. But for this, Ukraine needs to fulfill a number of conditions. Namely: to pay the indemnity for the consequences of military aggression against the DPR and pay off all debts to the people of Donbass."

That is, the separatist leader sees possibility of peaceful coexistence with Ukraine only due to compensation paid by Ukraine to the DPR, non-existent on the map of the world. But, apparently, Zakharchenko understands the absurdity of his statements because right after that he called the possibility of peaceful resolution of the conflict as fantastic.

Audio: "The question signed by "Ukrainskyi voyennyi (Ukrainian military)": "What is the probability of a peaceful solution of the conflict, in your opinion, in per cents?" - Ukrainskyi voyennyi, what, do you think, is the probability of finding a dinosaur in the streets of Donetsk? "

At the same time, the leader of the Vostok battalion Alexander Khodakovsky said that Zakharchenko’s statement on the extension of the DPR to the borders of Donetsk region was not more than bragging.

Audio: "We have no grounds today to say that the Ukrainian army is ready or is taking any effective steps in order to move to large-scale offensive. Accordingly, there is no action taken from our side to attack ... I wish I did not complain and was not upset by the fact that we did not come to the administrative border of the Donetsk region, that we have not moved to the Dnieper, I, being sober-minded, understand the doctrine today. Neither Russia, nor those in the authorities are only ready - but want and have the opportunity today to continue the development of this situation."

Doomed to fight

Khodakovsky’s evaluation of the situation in the so-called army of the DPR is also interesting. Firstly, I would mention the words of the leader of Vostok about patriotism decrease. And secondly, Khodakovsky named a figure which shows motivation for a large part of the war fighters.

Audio: "It is only necessary to recall that about 40% of the fighters on the front lines, including the officers and medium commanders - the people who came from those areas which, currently, are under the control of the AFU. About 40% of people have nowhere to go. They have nothing except for the barracks, bunkers and trenches - no other place of residence. And, of course, these people have nowhere to retreat and their level of ideological motivation is very high. Despite the decline in patriotism for various reasons, yet a sense of duty and responsibility do not leave these people."

Of course, the responsibility does not leave people who have nowhere to get away from this responsibility. They are doomed to fight. But how to fight?

Audio: "It is clear that it is not normal, it is clear that when we analyze the situation, evaluate it and due to psychological fatigue and physical fatigue of the fighters who are at the forefront, it is clear that we understand that there's already enough critical situation. Reports say ... that people do not even have time to take their shoes off the swollen feet. So that their feet can rest. People stay in their shoes without removing them for weeks in the trenches. Especially because the weather is unstable, it can rain, wet people, then a cold night, - all types of diseases. People don’t improve health at the forefront ... We can only hope that there will be aggravation and our resources and patience of our soldiers who defend this republic will be enough to reach eventually some logical end of this military conflict."

Alexander Khodakovsky is sure that in case of a real desire of the Ukrainian authorities to liberate the occupied territory, the militants have no chance.

Audio: "Yes, if the enemy gathers forces, we will not hold this enemy with our exhausted people, it is understandable."

"Elite" is getting fat

And while some are rottening in the trenches, others are making their pockets full. Khodakovsky told what the so-called elite of the DPR is doing now.

Audio: "The people who have come to power had nothing before the war. It is now their task to become the elite in every sense, respectively, with the whole entourage, with expensive cars, with expensive houses, bank accounts, with a good body fat, soon their reign time will be over and what to live on?"

The scale of the struggle of the DPR authorities for national treasure, but in their personal pantries, reached such proportions that even Russia can not cope with them.

Audio: "Yes, indeed, we have received aid from the Russian side and the aid  helped and helps us to survive. As Zakharchenko claimed several times, authorities separates from the people, the government has become corrupt, not just sprouts began to develop accordingly. And this beantree has grown overnight to such extent that even the older brother finds it hard to deal with these issues. And when it became clear that we have the potential on our own, but this potential goes to the pocket of the corrupt government, accordingly people began to wonder: wait, we, from the Russian side, provide all possible aid and you have your own resources which you stretch, saw and we have to strain our economy, depriving the Russians of something to help you get rich? And the amount of aid began to shrink with time."

In its turn, the reduction in the volume of Russian aid for Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky’s republics has led to deficit that began to be fulfilled at the expense of people and businesses.

Audio: "The republic forms its own budget, Russia has been providing humanitarian aid in the form of supplies of all kinds of tools and materials for building and construction works themselves."

The question is how the DPR "forms its own budget" if the companies re-registered in Ukraine do not pay (as they say) to the separatists? It turns out that Zakharchenko and Co earn due to customs duty Ukrainian citizens pay to terrorists when transporting goods to the occupied territory.

"We demand supporting documents for border crossing and customs, i.e. the payment of customs duty."

It turns out that Ukrainian business and the state pay customs duty to the budget of the terrorists with every car importing wood or raw material for steelmakers that crosses "customs border" of the DPR?...

Alexander Khodakovsky called charging small business to be "distortions in the taxation". And they are caused, as it turns out, by the reduction of Russian aid.

Audio: "But in order to compensate for forgone aid from Russia, they have begun distortions in taxation, now people have to give everything to fill this gap, which is formed ... Thus, they began to cut everything, including the salaries of railwaymen that today it doesn’t bring the gross domestic product. It is clear - government employees, teachers, but the railwaymen. There are more than 20 thousand of them. Why are they needed in such an amount, if the railway actually doesn’t work. That is why, they ceased to receive help."

Railwaymen’s "strike"

And now we come to the main event of the past week in the occupation - this is the so-called strike of railway workers. Because of it, I must say, not only trains stopped, but also the metallurgical enterprises of the "DPR" and "LPR". Here's how  Alexander Zakharchenko described this situation:

Audio: "In February payment of salaries to employees of Ukrainian Railways stopped. After that, there was a meeting of trade unions and our people went out to the rails, banned all shipments in the direction of Ukraine. At the moment, Ukraine is in panic because all the coal which they take to their stations they take from us. "

The question immediately arises: why haven’t boilers of Ukrainian power plants been converted to other coal for two years? But given that the entire Ukrainian heat generation belongs to Rinat Akhmetov, the question is rhetorical.

Alexander Khodakovsky, in his  turn, explained the strike of railway workers as someone’s desire to earn in Donetsk.

Audio: "Nothing happens for a reason and there can be no rudiments of any strikes  in our rather rigid system of internal control system which is quite totalitarian. Even against Ukraine. Well, think about it, what can Ukraine respond to such accusations? Look, you separated, you have a private railway, you manage it, you have your own staff, state enterprises and others -  what are the claims? If you do not want to develop there, why should we be responsible for that? Why is Ukraine concerned? The railroad serves our state coal enterprise that sends coal to Ukraine. Accordingly, it is the profit that we get from such trading - it falls to our  pocket. We have to pay for railway services from this profit and support the staff that have remained in the normal viable state."

Hello to Akhmetov: "No one says thanks for canned meat"

That is, as I've said before, the struggle for financial flows in the "People's Republic" has developed into a hard redistribution of markets. For example, last week head of the DPR Zakharchenko said unequivocal hello to Rinat Akhmetov, who was earlier denied to enter the territory of the so-called DPR.

Audio: "And the so-called elite is beginning to return. But how to return? - They do not want to work, they want to lead, go up on the red carpet - "thank you, our benefactors, because you sent us humanitarian aid." No one says thanks for canned meat. Thank you that you sent;  thank you that you did not forget, but it is not what you were supposed to do. And if we estimate the volume of humanitarian aid and the amount of unpaid taxes to the republic, so we'll still issue you a bill."

Why is the main breadwinner of the DPR Rinat Akhmetov so dangerous for Alexander Zakharchenko?

Audio: "We are creating a new economic model. We return, establish old connections, but, at the same time, we will establish new ones. And they want it back. They want to return their power, to return the money. And thanks to the fact that they will grow here, they will demand something from Moscow and Kiev or someone else ... "

It is clear that Zakharchenko did not want to share the power and money with someone. But, at the same time, he wants to share the responsibility for what they do. With the people. Like in a criminal world – all are connected.

Audio: "The people, the people – as it is a people’s republic - should choose their power and share responsibility with the government for everything that happens. I do not want people to cry, that's the elite, authorities and everything else .... No, we fought together, we make decisions together. If we took the right decision – it’s our common victory. But the defeat - I do not want it to be an orphan."

But the defeat of the current DPR elite already affects all residents of occupied Donbass. One of those defeats was a struggle for the monopoly in the fuel market of the DPR which caused a gasoline shortage. Then it is portrayed as a consequence of the struggle with oligarch Kurchenko. And  Alexander Khodakovsky told what actually happened.

Audio: "Do you remember the crisis of fuel which arose when we had no fuel, when we had so many problems with constant growth of prices, fuel shortages, queues of 500 meters – they were a consequence only of the energy suppliers’ struggle for the monopoly on this territory. It is a private problem. But then it was presented as objective. In fact, it was a very subjective issue. If our emerging elite hadn’t started struggle for a place in the sun, that there would have been no problems."

"What can a rabble of bandits teach?"

The question is why people were killed, so that someone was able to get rich? But you can legally store  a machinegun under the pillow in the DPR:

Audio: "You know, I think we're probably the most democratic state in this regard where you can keep a machinegun under your pillow at home."

"Peaceful" leader of the DPR is ready to call even women to active duty...

Audio: "You know, it might be useful not only for men but also for women. In a country at war people must be able to handle a weapon. And as we have also established the law that we have the right to store up to 12.7 of all kinds of small arms at home, the elementary instruction of handling weapons must be there."

Zakharchenko did not rule out that in the case of activation of military actions in the DPR mobilization might be declared.

Audio: "I think the volunteers. But if necessary, we will declare mobilization ".

Donetsk leader of the militants expressed his disappointment during online communication with the residents of the Donetsk region that the people in Ukraine, even sympathetic to separatists, did not want to bring the war into their home.

Audio: "A lot of questions: when will you come to us? ... So, for me, for example, it was weird to hear. When I first held the talk, I was preparing for the questions: how to get the weapon, how to equip the units, where it is possible to train volunteers. That is, I was ready, people would ask where to take a machinegun, where to learn to shoot, so that they could come to Kharkov and do like here ... This is what I thought. - No! There were no such questions."

In this case, I want to say: Thank God! Our people are still wise not to fight for the enrichment of the new elite of the DPR.

But the militant leader of the DPR threatened Turkey  with a war.

Audio: "This is a tribute to those who nailed the shield on the gates of Constantinople. Why not? Erdogan, incidentally, also must be remembered, whose shield was hanging there. So, we can once again hang it. And I’d  prefer Constantinople to Istanbul."

How can Zakharchenko know that Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire which was later conquered by Ottomans? So, Slavs could not hang some shields at the gates of the Turkish cities and especially the Muscovites never hung them.

Zakharchenko also showed the same deep knowledge of history and diplomacy when he was speaking about the history of the United States of America. It is difficult, perhaps, for the leader of the unrecognized DPR to be the smartest surrounded by all the rabble, like Obama and Erdogan.

Audio: "America is more than 200 years, in my opinion. Convicted Irish, Scottish, English fled there, - well, mob gangsters, by and large. What can a rabble of bandits teach? - Yes, they can teach nothing."

And it is said by a man who according to his "Russian Spring" teammate Alexander Khodakovsky, rules a territory that is in the "hole".

Audio: "Any fool knows that only with the help of Russia we somehow live today, pulling the situation out of the hole. If Russia is not able to satisfy our demands. Then we should move further in the direction of Kiev, well, then we have to reckon with this"...

OstroV, Public Radio of Donbass