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Laughter and tears! On the annexation and its CONSEQUENCES for russians and other "peoples"

10/06/2022 11:21:00 am
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So, with the signing of putin's decrees recognizing the "state sovereignty of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson oblasts", the rusty "organism" of the russian state is ready to swallow another portion of Ukrainian land. But for some reason, unlike in 2014, this does not cause fear for the future, but laughter and confidence in our victory...


I have already told in many interviews that putin will have to be very creative in interpreting his own russian legislation in order to help the notorious "referenda" seem legitimate. And the russian demoniac turned out to be really resourceful. I am laughing out loud! However, if even the official decrees of the head of state cause laughter, this means that his mental illnesses (and the state in general) are already obvious :))

Let's laugh together.

So, the Federal Constitutional Law "On the procedure for admission to the Russian Federation and the formation of a new subject within the Russian Federation":

Article 3, section 1: "Admission to the Russian Federation and the formation of a new subject within it are carried out on a VOLUNTARY basis"...

- How voluntary is it, if the territories of the "DNR"-"LNR", the Zaporizhzhia and the Kherson oblasts are OPENLY occupied by russian troops?!

- How voluntary is it, if the so-called "DNR" does not control 50% of its supposed territory (that is, no "referendum" could be held there)? The same goes for the unoccupied territories of the "LNR", the Zaporizhzhia and the Kherson oblasts. That is, no one asked the population of these territories about their opinion on the matter.

Article 4, section 2: "The admission to the Russian Federation as a new subject of a foreign state or part thereof is carried out by mutual agreement of the Russian Federation and this foreign state".

- Well, if the "DNR"-"LNR" have at least the appearance of statehood with false but formal signs, then how will our "juggler" get away with parts of the Zaporizhzhia and the Kherson oblasts? - The decrees say: "while recognizing and confirming the principle of equality and self-determination of the PEOPLES, enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, and taking into account the will of the PEOPLE of the Kherson (Zaporizhzhia) oblast in a referendum..., I decree to: 1. Recognize the state sovereignty and independence of the Kherson (Zaporizhzhia) OBLAST"...

It turns out that such "countries" as "Kherson oblast" and "Zaporizhzhia oblast" "exist"! Moreover (!), putin claims that there are even separate "PEOPLES" (!!!) - probably some "khers" and "zapors"...

Indeed, he is the "father of peoples": he "gives birth" to them and he kills them himself. Taking into account that the "Kherson oblast" and "Zaporizhzhia oblast" "states" will cease to exist after the annexation (which will happen in a couple of days), they will probably become world record holders in terms of the duration of the existence of their "statehood" And, accordingly, of their "peoples".

I am lost for words. He acts more like a Turkish hotel entertainer rather than a president with such creativity bursts!


I am curious whether the russians, especially those who rejoice in the "annexation of new lands", understand that with this annexation, their country, in fact, enters a full-fledged war with Ukraine?

Not the "special military operation" which they watched on TV, but a WAR! With Ukraine! The country which has already deprived them of the "second army of the world", having forced putin to conscript the "reserves"...

Do they understand that Kyiv and the West will have no other choice but to retake the territory of their Donbas and the South? Otherwise, it will be putin's victory, and he will not be allowed to win under any circumstances, because this would mean the defeat of the entire existing world order.

If earlier, the West thought that the problem for them was a corrupt, divided and incapable of defending itself Ukraine, then nowadays, the whole world has understood: the problem is not Ukraine, the PROBLEM is putin! An old and sick in the head monkey with a nuclear bomb in its hands, crazy with impunity.

Having failed to conquer Ukraine in six months, he became a problem even for his "allies" like China, the CSTO countries and India. Even for Lukashenko, who now tries everything to save his own skin...

Do the russians, who celebrated the entry of their country into a war with the whole world on Red Square, understand that such a war will not be limited to one "partial" mobilization, that there will be more? That they were celebrating the death of their loved ones, the beginning of the collapse of their country, the beginning of the war in russia itself? Because it is impossible to conquer the whole world! In fact, the sounds of that concert were the first chords of REQUIEM for russia. Although, it was not written by Mozart...

Do the people of Donetsk and Luhansk understand that by declaring the Donetsk and the Luhansk oblasts as russian territory, putin is destroying the last opportunity to negotiate a ceasefire in future? That earlier, having reached its eastern borders, Kyiv could stop and negotiate with the russian federation on further peace, but that after the annexation, the kremlin deprives itself of such an opportunity! It will have to fight to the last russian for the constitutionally "russian land"!

That is, Ukraine and the West cannot back down until they liberate the Donbas and the South, however now russia will not be able to leave from there "as a gesture of goodwill", as it retreated from Kyiv.

So, the battle will last until someone’s victory. And, given the resources of the russian federation and the West, the battle will be long, right up to the fall of the demoniac’s regime. And it will be EXACTLY ON the lands annexed by russia! Therefore, you, my dear homies who naively expect (by the way, just like 8 years ago) peace due to russian advent, on the contrary, rejoice in turning your region into a theater of warfare for an indefinite period...

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad indeed...

Serhiy Harmash, OstroV