July, 21

Donetsk residents were asked whether they wanted the "DPR" passport. Video

01/20/2016 05:40:06 pm
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OPLOT TV separatist channel posted a report on the results of a survey of residents of the city on the future issuance of passports of "citizens of the republic" - "How do you feel about the fact that you can get a DPR passport?"

The survey results were unexpected for the camera crew. Most respondents answered the question with a question - "What will give the passport of the unrecognized republic give us?"

The journalist was clearly confused after receiving mostly negative response and at the end of the report she summarized, "Well, what can I say? Some are "for", others are "against". This is manifestation of democracy ... "

Maksim Ksilantyev, Donetsk, Ostrov