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"There is not a single Russian left – they all were killed". Review of the separatist media

04/06/2017 03:05:00 pm
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You will get to know nothing about what is happening in the "republics" from the media of Luhansk and Donetsk. There is almost no own journalism on the "official" and "state-run" websites — there are no others — just texts from mainly marginal Russian editions or LJ. Obviously the CDDLO is afraid to show their opinion and initiative: in order not to get screwed — and into basement.

So they tell people here mainly about Kyiv and Ukraine's territories controlled by the Ukrainian government. Sometimes they blame the Russian opposition and the leaders of Western countries. But some interesting allusions and tendencies can still be traced. For example, there was written a lot about Poland last week — in relation to the incident in Lutsk where unknown persons fired from the grenade launcher at the Polish consulate. The Donetsk and Luhansk websites predicted… a war between Ukraine and Poland in this regard. Media of the "republics" made it clear that the Ukrainian and Polish authorities were not mistaken when they pointed to Russia as the only party interested in what had happened. Kyiv and Warsaw are being intensely brought into contact, - the "republican" "journalists" see a sign of Russia's omnipotence in this.

"The Catholic humble, politically rational Poland suffered everything for three tears, understanding the complexities of democracy formation, — was said, for example, in the text from the website of the Life Russian media holding which was published by the Novorossiya News Agency. — They frowned in Warsaw, when monuments to Stepan Bandera were erected in Galicia, — an anti-Polish "Sabotage Action" was held there, more than two thousand houses and property of Polish landowners were set on fire. Banderites of the UPA-OUN(b) slaughtered dozens of thousands of Poles around Lutsk in 1943".

"Warsaw got off with remarks when unknown people drew SS signs and "Death to the Poles" on monuments on the graves of the Poles. "Terroristic act!" — President Duda said now. Kyivans should bring the heads of terrorists or at least state their deaths in resuscitation department. The patience of Warsaw is over. Eventually, "Armia Krajowa" banged Banderites with might and main in its eastern voivodships. This is also not forgotten in Warsaw yet. A few more shots from the rocket anti-tank launchers stolen in the war — and Volyn, Galicia and Polesia will return to the Polish Republic. It will be fair", — its author concluded.

The following text copied from another Russian website and posted on the same Novorossiya was said that "Kyiv quite naturally counted on the loyalty of the allied Poland that is willing to turn a blind eye to the local terrorists and radicals for the sake of a common anti-Russian goal. And all was going to be fine (the Polish President ostensibly even agreed with the useless version of the "partners") if not the excessive fantasy and frank insanity of the Ukrainian investigators. The SBU managed to attach the terroristic act to a protest action organized by Ukrainian Poles in the Lviv oblast. About 200 people blocked yesterday the international highway Lviv – Rava-Ruska, protesting against nationalism, oppression of Ukrainian Poles and desecration of Polish monuments. The core of the action was made up of representatives of the local Polish diaspora. They were supported by not indifferent Ukrainians".

And further: "It was this wild statement that discouraged Warsaw, ready for songs and dances, because it was denied on the same day by the actual participants of the rally, ethnic Poles living in Ukraine, who, without hesitation, were accused by the SBU of working for Moscow and associated with the organization of the terroristic act. Kyiv thereby rasped out a gross insult to the "loyal ally" and brought to nought all its attempts to justify the radicals and blame the intrigues of the enemy in everything. Moreover, having entangled themselves in Russophobia, security investigators blamed and brutally treated the local Poles, reprising them now for the "hand of the Kremlin". It is not known how Kyiv will get off the hook of its own insanity, but Warsaw will react to this statement very strongly".

However, the Polish correspondent of the same "news agency" from among the "militiamen" stated that "Warsaw not only does not react to the anti-Polish statements in Ukraine and Lithuania, but also tries to justify them". So the Marshal of the Senate of Poland Stanislav Karchevsky stated that a certain "third force" stands behind the attack on the Polish consulate in Lutsk. it is referred, of course, to the maniac intrigues of the "hand of the Kremlin". The Senate of the Republic must guard the dignity of the country. And in what way is this manifested? The Polish diplomatic institutions in Ukraine stopped their work for just one day. And nothing more. The Polish party confined itself to the statement in which it expressed the hope that an investigation of this episode will be conducted in Ukraine".

"The insanity of Ukrainian diplomats does not allow them to settle upon their own isolation (whereinto Europe carefully transforms the desired visa-free regime) and pushes them to a new insanity,Novorossiya newspaper meanwhile wrote. — Ukraine is ready to fight on two fronts, in any case , they started talking loudly about this in the Kyiv Zoo (now it is clear where the information comes from in Donetsk. — OstroV). And the president, wholly engaged in the expropriation of state property and saving of his own assets, prefers not to notice the new hysteria. Meanwhile, Kyiv still timidly and almost inaudibly declares war on Europe and makes claims to Poland and Hungary".

"Warsaw dissatisfies the high-ranking patriots with its inconsistent migration policy, the stiffening of which has goaded the latter into fury just because of the Ukrainian refugees, — the author of this text continued to claim as the Polish media continued to discuss the growing problem of shortness of hands, requiring to stimulate the labor migration from Ukraine. — The Poles also badly perceive the reorientation of Ukrainian history and the glorification of the lousy (and how else to call the heroization of maniacs and murderers) nationalism. There is no wonder that EU citizens are increasingly cautious about their eastern neighbor, limit the flow of migrant workers and try to discourage their former serfs with diplomatic methods. Yesterday's horses respond to polite reproaches with traditional vandalism and extremism. The Ukrainians have climbed up a new level of "diplomatic relations" with Polish brothers just before. If the radicals confined themselves to vandalism and desecration of Polish historical monuments most recently, now they openly attack the diplomatic representations of Poland on Ukrainian ground. If this is not a declaration of war, how else should it look?"

"The night terroristic act is an announcement of further aggression against the backdrop of the numerous aggressive statements of Kyiv politicians to Warsaw", — was asserted in Novorossia without giving any examples of "aggressive statements".

Further — even more unexpectedly. Maybe this is the "announcement of further aggression" already in Transcarpathia? "Ukraine also openly has a chip on shoulder with Hungary, oppressing in every way the ethnic Hungarians who live in the west on the one hand, and stepping into the path of diplomatic scandals instead of a balanced and prudent foreign policy on the other. Radicals increasingly attack Rusyns today, Ukrainian security forces support the Nazis, and diplomats arrange a harsh dissent to Hungarian colleagues after every crime of nationalists", — the correspondent of Novorossia writes, not referring to any facts again.

"The EU will reasonably support the claims of Hungary in the near future, and patriots will lose a big piece of territories. Ukrainian diplomats and politicians prepare their obedient herd for tight belts and the next conflict expecting new "troubles". As soon as the last European sponsor kicks Poroshenko in the arse, he can guess and open a second front in the west. I wonder how will the same Hungarians, Poles and Romanians react to ethnic cleansing to which Kyiv prepares its radicals? Ukraine in its present form will not survive until 2018 in this scenario. And Poroshenko's companions just compound matters and tear the last European ends. It remains only to guess whose European patience will burst earlier. The Poles can unite with the Hungarians to achieve common goals. The winners of dignity have a chip on shoulder too openly", — was concluded in this peaceful editiion.

"Goods turnover between the DPR and LPR" and wages "in kind"

"The tight belts" in Ukraine is generally a favorite topic of the separatist media. All websites of the CDDLO repeated last week about the successes of certain humanitarian program aimed at treating and teaching poor people in the "republics" from the "temporarily occupied" territories of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts — those that remained under the control of Kyiv. It is funny, but nevertheless, Donetsk and Luhansk declared the fact that Kyiv would have to do indeed for residents of the uncontrolled parts of the Donetsk Luhansk regions. So we can at least say today that the "republics" succeeded with trolling of Kyiv.

DNR24 website also informed, for example, that, "sympathizing with the hungry Ukrainian fighters, the leadership of the Luhansk People's Republic called servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that are in the Donbass to surrender and come over to the side of the LPR in order to have a normal monetary allowance, three meals daily and serve their people".

It was said about the flow of Ukrainian tourists to Crimea (this is in April) in another text on this website, borrowed from the Russian website. ""Wild" tourists manage to bring the products with them, its author wrote in particular. — Ukrainian products are supplied to European markets on paltry quotas after the signing of association agreement with the EU, and the main sales market – Russian – is lost, all this wreaks havoc on Ukrainian villagers and merchants. Traditional vegetables and fruits, the yields of which are rich in Ukrainian land, were depreciated because of the overproduction and lack of sales, private farms are forced to sell milk and meat to buyers for a song. So a Ukrainian vacationer in the Crimea stringly tries to carry a chunk of bacon or even a bag of potatoes with a vegetable oil barrel across the border".

But, according to the author of the text from LJ, published by the Novorossiya News Agency, the Ukrainians are starving intentionally: they will finally agree to fight in the Donbass only being hungry. "A cynical but effective tactic was developed for a sharp increase in troops the impoverishment of Ukrainians to such an extent that they took up arms, — is said in the "news agency" text. — A blockade of Donbass was organized for this purpose. The DPR people have answered there, have taken the enterprises which have paid taxes to Ukraine, than have struck a violent blow at the Ukrainian economy. Closures of large enterprises and mass layoffs are real. At the same time, a demolition of Russian banks was organized, which retaliated — the restrictions on remittances to Ukraine. The situation of Ukrainians worsens from this side. A banking demolition is the blocking of the next tranche of the IMF, because no one will give credits to the country where the banks are blocked".

"Akhmetov's enterprises plan to raise the wholesale electricity purchase prices from April instead of decreasing it. These are several stages of the big plan, — the text continues. — According to the high-ranking SBU officer, the sharp impoverishment of people is expected by summer. Then it will be expected from the SBU, AFU and MIA to make a generous proposal, the core of which is the following — it will be possible to live and support the family "with dignity" only in the law enforcement agencies. "A month or two will be spent on quick training and the first goal is the Donbass. Another goal will be after a quick victory by the numerical superiority — drawing Russia into a direct war with Ukraine in the Crimea. Then it is expected that the West will provide Ukraine with military, political and economic assistance in the war against the aggressor. There will be additional levers of pressure on Russia".

Media of the "republics" also wrote a lot about the $3 billion debt that Russia tries to sue from Ukraine in the London court. The "Expert" of the Izborsk Club wrote in this context in the text borrowed by the Novorossiya News Agency: "There are two options here. The first option the Russian Federation says: Gentlemen, you have oligarchs affiliated with your state, who organized the Nazi revolution, who are now closely related to the state. Certain Poroshenko, for example. He legalized his property on the territory of Russia – this is laundering of money by criminal means, because this legalization is formal and fictitious, and we confiscate the property of those who support the Nazi regime or were associated with it. The second option – we take an independent audit company which is internationally recognized, which estimates the territory of the DPR and LPR in three billion dollars. There will be an official offset of the property after that – an asset for an asset". In other words, the "republics" in the Russian Federation were estimated to 3 billion "green" on the whole.

At the same time, we can only be happy about the republics themselves. Novorossia newspaper told on March 30 that "goods turnover between the DPR and LPR grew by almost 3.5 times in 2016. This was stated by the Acting Minister of Economic Development of the DPR V. Romaniuk at the I Investment Forum in Luhansk. "Trade and economic relations between the Republics, despite all sorts of existing difficulties, showed a significant improvement over the past year. Turnover increased almost 3.5 times", - she said. “Ballast, cement, slate, wire, knitwear, food products, including sausages, confectionery, milk and dairy, meat, frozen semi-finished products, mayonnaise and sauces are the main exports of the LPR", - Romaniuk specified. She added that food, including sausages and confectionery, bakery, milk and dairy products, paper, bricks and furniture, are represented in the structure of imports from the LPR".

And only a modest message on the "official website" of the "Donetsk People's Republic" gives some idea of ​​the real situation. "The Council of Ministers of the DPR approved Decree No. 3-24 of March 10, 2017 "On approval of the list of goods that are not allowed as payments in kind". The list of such goods was approved at the initiative of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The salary cannot be paid in goods (products, services) that are socially significant or dangerous for the life and health of the employee and the citizens of the Republic. The list includes explosive and poisonous substances, narcotic drugs, medical products, all kinds of alcohol products, non-food consumer goods, consumer food products of industrial processing and others".

"The current labor legislation of the DPR provides for the possibility of paying wages in kind”, - the "official website" explained. - Payment in kind is the payment for labor by goods, products or services without any monetary compensation for such goods (products, services) on the part of the employee. It is possible if it is provided in a collective agreement and its size should not exceed 30% of the amount of a monthly salary. It is necessary to be equivalent to the payment in monetary terms, and at the same time the prices for products should not exceed their prime cost. Payment in kind can be applied in those industries or in those professions where it is usual or desirable for the employees".

Motorola’s Museum

The militants’ websites are full of reports about all sorts of "lessons of courage", "citizenship lessons" and "lessons of patriotism" for schoolchildren and even at kindergartens. One such lesson was described by the "official website" of the "Donetsk People's Republic":

"During the event, students were shown videos about the heroes of past and present. Alla Stepanova, the chairman of the Donetsk republican organization of former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, donated to the museum the awards and personal belongings of veteran of the Great Patriotic War Viktor Akinin (1917-2016), and the servicemen of the DPR’s People's Militia donated the belongings of the Hero of the DPR Arsen Pavlov (1983-2016) and the intelligence officer Yaroslav Yushin (1985-2015). The representative of the Ministry of Information of the DPR Svetlana Kumanova donated an album "Golden Stars of Heroes" with the autographs of Heroes of the Donetsk People's Republic, the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, the DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov, the peacekeeping soldier Ahrik Avidzba, the now-dead Arsen Pavlov (Motorola) and Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi). The memory of the dead heroes was honored with a minute of silence".

At the same time, the Luhansk Information Center website reports that "The Museum of Courage officially opened in Luhansk at the premises of the 2nd Guards motorized rifle brigade of the LPR People's Militia of the Order of Valor of the II degree named after Marshal Voroshilov, formed on the basis of the Zarya militia battalion... The exhibits tell about the creation of the unit, personal belongings of the deceased militia heroes are displayed, there are Ukrainian banners seized by servicemen of the People's Militia. The museum is decorated with one of the largest panoramas in the LPR, devoted to the fight of the People's Militia with units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the area of ​​Verhulivka in the winter of 2014... The students of school No. 32 and the Luhansk Economic and Legal Lyceum also attended the official opening of the museum. "The children are very interested in that, we discuss all these topics in class, because patriotic upbringing is very important now", - Yulia Neshchadim, the teacher of school No. 32, said".

More news from the occupied territory: "The new round of the Rodniki Festival, dedicated to Russian folk traditions, was held today at the Donetsk Republican Institute of Additional Teacher Education, which was attended by creative teams of teachers from different cities of the DPR", - the Donetsk News Agency reported, Illustrating their news with photos of girls in Russian head-bands kokoshniks.

"The Rodniki Festival is only a part of the great work of the DPR teachers aimed at keeping the traditions of the Russian national culture. For example, teachers of the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk organized a holiday "Svyatki", teachers from Makiivka and Zhdanivka presented the projects "Russian matrioshka dolls" and "Russian meat dumplings pelmeni". In Khartsyzsk they opened their own workshop for the manufacture of lark amulets", - noted the head of the department of the Russian language and literature of the Donetsk Republican Institute of Additional Teacher Education Larisa Melnikova".

How Russians were killed in Lviv

The most aggressive attacks in the address of Ukraine in the "republican" media are concentrated in the discussions of the Ukrainian history. I must say, the discussions are very original. For example, the newspaper Novorossiya, commenting on some Kyiv’s language initiatives, wrote that "unfortunately, this experiment on the Russian people and the Russian language shall be held not for the first time. This was done by the Poles and Austrians, and the traitor Mykhailo Hrushevsky, fulfilling a political order of the Viennese government, not only ruthlessly crippled Russian language, but also "altered" the Russians to his imaginary Ukrainians. This nonsense was assigned the Austro-Polish authorities to the rank of a state policy that split the nation and sparked such a terrible thing as national strife.

Part of the Polish population (there were 58% of Poles in Galicia) accepted the "invention" Hrushevsky, and the other part did not want to sell their Russian souls to the devil”.

The author did not explain what Mykhailo Hrushevsky had to do with the authorities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Poland, and why the part of the Polish population of Galicia did not want to sell their Russian souls for the invention of the "Austrian-Polish authorities". But, as he wrote, "one way or another, the creation of the Ukrainian nation began in the 1920s, and the process was carried out with all revolutionary determination". That is, Hrushevsky and the "Austrian-Polish authorities" did not reach anything after all.

"The national policy of the Bolsheviks is not just a fatal mistake, but a tragedy of the Russian people living on the territory of Ukraine, for whom the Russian language was native from the times of Ancient Rus", - the newspaper continued. It turns out that "in tsarist times, especially during the time of the vassal position of Poland from Russia, the Russian schools were closed, and the Polish schools were opened. And, unfortunately, it was the time when the Russian population was actively Polonized, and the Russian language turned into a Polish-Russian jargon, which later became the Ukrainian mova (Polish word for language)". That is, the tsarist Russia and Austria-Hungary nevertheless somehow agreed on "Polonization" of the "Russian" population of Ukraine.

"The most aggressive stage of Soviet Ukrainization was held under the leadership of the head of Soviet Ukraine Lazar Kaganovich and the chairman of the Writers' Union of Ukraine Israel Kulik", - the author of this opus wrote further, as though hinting at something, but not daring to continue his thought.

And finally, to make it clear that "the Russian language from the times of Ancient Rus" is not a misprint, the correspondent of NovoRossiya continued: "But what about the Russians, the Russian language, because they started Holy Rus? Yes, before the 1917 revolution there was a single Russia, which included MaloRossiya. There was also a single Russian literary language, and there was MaloRossiya dialect. But there was no Ukraine as a state or an autonomous entity, the Ukrainian language did not exist as well. After the Tatar-Mongolian Yoke, the Russians had to face hard times. But despite this, they retained their identity, native language, culture, remained faithful to the traditions of their Russian ancestors. Only the Russian language, the language of the state-forming sub-ethnos of Ancient Rus, can claim the status of a state language, not Ukrainian, which arose as mix of the MaloRossiya dialect and the Polish language".

However, the interlocutor of the website "Anti-Fascist", connected with the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, who fled to Moscow, Russian militant Pavel Kukhmirov, in an interview published by the Novorossiya News Agency told that “Ukraine and the Ukrainian language were invented in the mid 19th century by two Poles, to avenge Russia. This fiction was picked up by "intelligence agencies of Austria-Hungary".

"But the real powerful stage of the "Ukrainian project" occurred when the First World War broke out", - the militant said. "The Russian population of Galicia was subjected to genocide, the concentration camps of Talergof and Terezin appeared. The two most terrible places at that time. According to some reports, up to a million people went through 30 concentration camps. In the Carpathians, Lviv and other Russian cities and villages, there was also a real massacre at that time. The whole districts were destroyed".

"If you look at the pre-war photos of Lviv, there was not a single sign in the Ukrainian language. Approximately 10% of the signs were in the state German language, the rest were written in Russian. Lviv was a Russian city, in addition to Russians there lived Poles, 60% of Russians and 30% of Poles. 10% were the wannabe Ukrainians. And by the end of the First World War Lviv became a "city of the Poles and the Jews". No Russians remained, they were all killed. By the way, when the Western Ukrainian People's Republic was created, Lviv did not want to be part of it, and the Poles fought against the Ukrainians. Think about it - the Poles were fighting against the wannabe Ukrainians. In a city that spoke Russian only 4 years before that. And the situation in the concentration camps of Terezin and Talergof was as follows: the leadership of the camps imposed a condition - either you register yourself as a Ukrainian or you die in agony. About 100 000 people were killed in Talergof. Those who agreed to become Ukrainians had to shoot those who refused to do so. That is where these creatures were forged for the future Bandera movement”.

 “As a result, Galicia's population has changed very abruptly. There was a colossal negative selection. Existential drop at the very bottom. Now, back to the question of who the Banderists are – they are creatures (not people), resulting in a series of waves of negative selection. The first wave was a concentration camp, where the ancestors of Banderists killed their own friends, neighbors, the second wave was Lviv, where the Russian people were cut out, and the third wave was this Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which cut out all who were not Ukrainian enough... These creatures competed with each other in cruelty. And it is not a metaphor, they are mutants”.

Based on the foregoing, the Russian militant came to the conclusion that "the only reason for the existence of Ukraine as an idea is to be a weapon against Russia". The war that is currently taking place in the Donbass is not an economic underpinning. It is a lot more than a simple regional conflict that can be extinguished by negotiations. This is a war not for life but to death, and the Russian World and the "Ukrainian project" collided in it. They are the two entities that are absolute antagonists, the very existence of which is absolutely impossible on one planet. This deadly battle had to happen, everything had been leading to it for the past 100 years. There must be only one left in this war. Otherwise, it will not end".

Review by Sofiya Petrovska, OstroV